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Medical congresses

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Congresses and Roadshows are special events with clearly defined themes and the attendees usually have high expectations. For these kinds of events, the best locations are usually congress halls, hotels, public places or streets. These places hold special logistic challenges, e.g. the delivery to tight and angled upper floors or maneuvering through narrow alleyways.

Careful and secure handling

You will expect hosts to concentrate fully on the organisation of their event and usually appoint an external contractor for deliveries. The team of DHL Trade Fairs & Events works as your partner to completely look after your logistic solutions paying regard to all necessary steps for organisers and exhibitors. This allows you to fully concentrate on your core competences leaving our experienced employees to operate in the background as “troubleshooters”.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The services of DHL Trade Fairs & Events

  • Concept development and design of logistics guidelines
  • Complete logistics, from the pick-up to the on-time delivery
  • Provision of handling equipment like forklift trucks, hand lifts, and ramps
  • On-site support through trained staff for organisers and exhibitors
  • Value Added Services, i.e. consignment packing


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